So, you have decided to buy a laptop, but little bit confused about what gadgets you should buy with your brand new laptop? I will try to solve your problem. Below here is a list that I would prefer buying along with my laptop. So, lets check em` out.

1.   Netgear WNR614 Wireless N300Router

With routers, you can order food from your smart phone while your friends forget about their hunger by browsing through FB. Once the food arrives, you all can watch a popular movie on a laptop while having dinner. 
About speed
This router offers transfer rates of up to 300 Mbps, so you can quickly download large-sized files, such as games, movies or discographies.
You can easily set-up this router and connect it with smartphones, tablets, iPads or computers. Press the WPS button to set-up a secure wireless Internet network quickly.

2.  Laptop Cleaning Kit

Isopropyl alcohol free and non-streaking cleaning fluid, alcohol free and safe, it is so safe that it will be absolutely harmless if you eat without washing of hands. Anti-static cleaning fluid comes in spray pump for easy, effective and flawless cleaning of all display systems and glass surfaces, the anti static formula also ensures less often need of cleaning as air bone pollutant are not drawn to your display. An effective cleaning product that protects anti glare coatings and reduces strain on eyes. It is a must to have in your laptop accessories kitty bag. Accompanied with washable wonder cloth made of micro filament fibre which removes dust, dirt, oil, grease finger prints and lint completely. International quality standards maintained. A special soft brush to keep all hard to reach areas of a laptop/desktop dust free.

3.Motorola Pulse Max Wired Headset With Mic

It is a perfect companion of laptop. you must buy a headset it is necessary when you want to listen music or want to watch a movie or when you are travelling some where and you don't want other to listen the audio you can use this gadget. Other than this you can use this to enhance your gaming and music  experience. This head set come with a mic attached to it so that you can record your voice on the go. This head set is known for its bass. From me its a green signal, go for this product.

Hope you like the list all the above mention products are available at flipkart

from Atanu Mondal


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