TOP 3 FPS (Multiplayer)

Who do not like First person shooter games and when it is a Multiplayer game? Yes, we all like em`. 

In these type of games you will face opponents who are actual peoples not virtually i mean. The actual fun begins with multiplayer games. Selecting the best out of several awesome multiplayer games out there was a difficult task. But i did it, keeping in mind some of the vital parts a multiplayer game must have to make it fun to play.

So not wasting much time lets jump inside the list........

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I think this is the best game with amazing graphics, you can team up with friends or go solo and fight with global players
, this game has lots of weapons and accessories to customize your player.The was developed with Cry Engine and is absolutely free you can down load the setup from their website all you have to do is to create an account with them and your download will begin, the size is more than 4 GB.

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Another awesome multiplayer game their developer claim it is the fastest multiplayer game available in the online market for free, and I think they are 100% correct I had personally played this game few months ago this game is so fast that it don't give you enough time to get ready and shoot somebody. The map is deigned by the server you have to enter one of the open or online server and compete with the players. Actually you will find many player online who use bugs in the game to win the match like unlimited grenade etc. The size of the game is only 1.5 GB and same like above you have to create an account with PLAY ONE ASIA.

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The reason of putting this game in the third is because of the size of the game its 15 GB and for that you have to first download the steam from the steams website. There is no problem with it but the size of the game was the biggest problem you have to wait until you download 15 GB but this game is the best for its comic type character and violence. Graphics of the game is awesome and you are getting such a big game for absolutely free of cost. That is the reason I put this game on the list.

All this games mentioned above has a huge number of fans and active players. You can try them no need of a high end pc to paly these games. Hope you like the post and feel free to comment. cheers!!! ;D


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