Luxrious pens you must use before you die.

"Sell me this pen",
Hope you can recollect this dialogue from a very popular movie "Wolf of the wall street". To sell a pen you all you need do is to create an urgency in the mind of the customer. That, why he must use that pen. with this post I will make your task easy if I say your customer will definitely buy the pens I has selected if he has the purchasing power.  So let us check out the list of the "luxurious pens you must use before you die." 

1.Splendore Silver Trims Medium Fountain PenCRUISER Inspiration 
(GERMANY COMPANY)                          
Splendore Silver Trims Medium Fountain Pen

Price - $973.65 / Rupees 65,000
This pen is available to purchase online at William
this pen is available on a special request only first you have to give your name phone number email id along with a typed comment that you want to buy this pen, they will contact you.
This pen has black lacquer finish with crafted silver overlay studed with real diamond, Material of this pen is made with brass.


MONTBLANC Meisterstuck 
(GERMANY COMPANY)                         
149 Gold Trim Fountain Pen

Price- $938.04 / Rupees 62,600
This pen is also available at William
The Meisterstück 149 - a design that writes history. Deep black precious resin with gold-coated details, surmounted by the white star emblem and finished with a handcrafted 18kt solid gold nib,
The cap tip is Gold coated with serial number.

(SWITZERLAND COMPANY)                            
Ebony Black Gold Plated Trims Fountain Pen

Price $719 / Rupees 49000
Precious and refined, the black lacquer gets its sheen from the body of the Léman Ebony Black. Its body and cap, lacquered in deep black, match the gold-plated finish perfectly. 18 carat gold bicolour nibs Piston ink pump or Caran d'Ache ink cartridges. The Léman Ebony Black is an elegant companion and offers you exceptional writing comfort.Swiss Made.
It is also available at William

Now, I guess you also want to buy these pens too. Now it`s all on you what do you want to become a Customer or a Salesman.

Cheers !!!!
From - Atanu Mondal


  1. Hey , checked your blog .
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    1. @ Young Tech
      Thanks for checking my blog and an awesome feedback. I am working to add more posts. Thanks again !


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