India`s Pink Brigade For Women`s.

Do you witness any husband dominating his wife or mother, it time for you to call the "Gulabi Gang." 
India`s only pink brigade for women`s.

Sampat Pal the self-styled, national commander of the Gulabi Gang, started a female brigade a decade ago to protect the dignity of women in Uttar Pradesh. The member of Gulabi gang is now a network of  400,000 women who joined according to their will. Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state of India with about 200 million people with extream poverty, low literacy rate and high crime rate according to NYTimes

The group is highly active in Bundelkhand, the southern edge of Uttar Pradesh and the other half is spread into neighboring Madhya Pradesh. NYTimes also added that the "Membership has swelled to a 400,000 strong network with a marginal presence in villages in the states of Bihar and Haryana, which have among the country’s worse statistics on gender violence".

As the name says "Gulabi" which means Pink color all-female brigade has a dress code which is also pink. If you notice carefully in the image most of the women`s are clutching a pink bamboo batons also known as "lathis". each of them wear a hot pink chiffon saree with its loose end draped over her head.

So, If you want to become a member of the Brigade then the membership fees is only 500 rupees a little half goes to the saree and id card for the registered trademark of the group and the remaining money goes to the pool, maintained by district commander for travel expenses for group meeting and other common activities.   

They are also so brave that they are not afraid of the Police too. "If the police, for instance, does not listen to a woman then we collectively go that concerned police station and get her complained lodged." Sampat pal said. at times it is a fight against dishonest government contract refuse to pay wages to women for their work in rural areas. Some of them pregnant and toiling at construction sites to feed their families. That`s not fair. isn't it? 

They not only fight for gender discrimination but also for Cast discrimination. Besides teaching women about their right Pal also fought for the social ill untouchability, outlawed by Indian Constitution but still widely practiced in some parts of rural India.
The fought many times against such social ill cast discriminations.

If you are living in UP or any of the neighboring state or planning to move in future else you are a witness or experiencing such kind of social harassment then it`s a high time for you to join "The Gulabi Gang".

Inspired by the gang  a movie was also created named "Gulab Gang"

(Sampat Pal greets a guest at Paris book store to promote this Book (Me Sampat pal, head of the Pink Sari Gang. in 2008 REUTERS)


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