Earning Online In a new Way

Do you have ever wondered how to earn online working from home if you have no talent to show on youtube or writing posts, there is another way to make money online and all it need is patience that's all So, not wasting your time anymore just get into the topic. There is a website known as Neobux here all you have to do is to watch ads and complete tasks published by their publishers like CrowdFlower.I know most of you are quite familiar with  PTC websites aka Paid To Click Website. Neobux is one of them there is another option Neobux but the reason I prefer Neobux over Clicksense is that this awesome site pays you more than Clicksense.

It`s all Game of Patience.

If you are not a person of this kind then you are free to leave my blog and skip to some other blog.
Now if you are still reading then good at the end you will gain something useful.
So, when you will join Neobux you will be taken to the member activity page as shown below

you will see something like this.
In the image where it is written View ads.Click there, the website will take you to the ads page all the available advertisement will be listed there.All you have to do is to click on the ad and wait for 5 seconds and done, you will be paid.Some ads will ask you to wait for 30 seconds those ads pay more than regular ads. Earning is not just limited to viewing ads you can participate in paid surveys, many offers much more to explore.

There is something called as Task which I talked about at the beginning.This is the place where you can double your earning by completing the task.After clicking on the task you will be taken to numbers of available tasks.As you have joined the website just now it will show you zero available tasks all the potential tasks will be for level 1, 2, and 3 to reach at those level all you have to do is to complete more tasks. There is a tip for you to get more tasks is that is you are and Indian if possible visit the task section at night near 10 pm to 12 pm I bet you that you that you will get 6 or 7 tasks to complete and most of them pay really good. As those tasks are published by a U.S company or the publisher might be from the United States, it is a high time for us at night to get more tasks at that time.
The task window will look like this:

as you can see above, for instance, Review Product Name this task will pay you $0.01 per task and there are 33 number of tasks for you to complete. As you accuracy reaches more than 70% you will be getting more tasks with more pay and you will increase your level. See as simple as it is. 

Beneficial for Advisers.
So, if you are a blog writer like me or want to drive more traffic to try investing in this website it will bring 100% human traffic to your website. 

Now here is the Gameplan (I recommend this strategy for you to follow.)

1. Create a free account. (CLICK HERE)

a. You will need your email if

b. Inside the signup form, you will be asked to add your Payza or PayPal id if you don't have it no problem, for now, you can put the same email id you use to create the account.Later you can change it when you create one.

2. Start clicking all ads every day. (0.01*20 ads)

3. Continue this for 3 months.Side by side complete tasks every day.(0.01*20 ads + successfully tasks completed)
4. By this point, of time you would have made $17 in your main account.

5. Don't cash it out, buy a premium plan.

6. Now your income will be double. then repeat all the steps and then cash out.

See you can make a decent income regular $50 to $100 per day If you have patience.
So, don't waste time anymore and enjoy the opportunity as soon as possible.


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