Top Indian Web Series MUST WATCH.

Somehow T.V shows over the year has become less interesting and majorities of people over the world merely used T.V for live sports events and broadcast. Now the focus is suddenly on the internet.

Discussing the best of best of web series in India. Here is top 12 best Indian web series you must watch.


         One of the most famous and interesting and also my best web series by The Viral Feaver. It is a story of four friend who begins a startup and went around to make it successful.The show focuses on friendship, loyalty, competition, and etc.


     One of the most viewed web series on youtube which is also the reason for raising of The Viral Feaver videos is Permanent Roommate.This a is a story of a young couple who after being 3 years long distance relationship starts living together and decided to marry.


           Baked one of the best web series with a great script and acting. This is a story of 3 university flatmates who decided to start a business of delivering late night food.Check the adventure and misadventure they face in their journey.



          Another web series from The Viral Feaver which deals with a story of three siblings who went to a trip. Both of them has their own struggles. A very well written script and a show that everyone should  watch,


         Every web series has an attractive story line and one such is The Trip. The story deals with a four girlfriend who went on a road trip to Thailand as a part of bride bachelor act. The journey later turns into an emotional story of individuals.


           This is a story of two lovers from two different background who wants to get married.The show deals with the real struggle when the family meets and also a more twisted thing.


7. A.I.S.H.A  My Virtual Girlfriend:

 This also one of my favorite web series.This is a story of an unusual relationship between men and women. Only that the women is an Artificial Intelligence Simulated Human Assistance namely as A.I.S.H.A. The web series deals with tech field and revenge against the boss.

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